Thoby Solheim

Thoby Solheim
Telephone: +27 76 954 6080
Mobile: +27 76 954 6080
Organisation: Thoby Solheim Coaching
Address: Cape Town
Country: South Africa
Profile: Thoby Solheim is a former investment banker turned executive coach, focused on Performance Coaching at individual and team levels. A Time to Think Coach, and an associate member of the World Association of Business Coaches, Thoby brings 20 years of frontline investment banking experience to the conversation: having spent his time at corporate as an equities salestrader servicing some of the most demanding investment managers all over the world, at three top-rated South African equity desks in both London and Johannesburg. Having worked as a team member, divisional director and MANCO member, he has extensive sales and sales experience in a demanding profession, and management experience leading teams worldwide. He was fortunate to have been trained and worked with some of the best minds in the investment banking industry: and firmly believes that sustainable, successful businesses are built by teams of respected, engaged, diverse and thoughtful people, and seeks to cultivate that as a coach. Thoby holds a Master’s Degree in Management Coaching, Cum Laude, GSB Stellenbosch University (2015) and a Master’s Degree from Cambridge University (1996).
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