Diana Sendlak Brundin

Coach & Facilitator
Diana Sendlak Brundin
Telephone: +46 703 281 901
E-mail: Diana.Sendlak-Brundin@hh.se
Organisation: Kvalitencia Ledarskap AB
Address: Hassleholm
Country: Sweden
Profile: Pedagogical coaching is a method of participation, a dialogue where thoughts and understanding of different situations is important. The coaches most important skill is to listen and ask different questions in order to help the coachee´s to understand his/her own values and behaviour to increase a persons capability to achieve good own and organisational results. It is a way to get a better understanding of the current situation and what is necessary to handle. As a coach I always have to focus on the coachee´s concerns and needs in a work situation. The most important part is to resolve real problems and to increase competence. If necessary for the development I give the coachee´s some research regarding what we are discussing to increase knowledge. As a coach I influence people to increase their self-awareness and self-esteem. With a strong self-esteem people tend to be much more open minded with differences and diversity. I hear things not always said by the coachee´s and can increase the force in the coaching sessions.
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