Cheryl Strand

Coach & Facilitator
Cheryl Strand
Telephone: +27 72 713 5323
Mobile: +27 72 713 5323
Organisation: SpaceToListen
Address: Cape Town
Country: South Africa
Profile: Cheryl Strand facilitates open spaces of deep listening where we’re invited, in one-on-one sessions or in groups, to explore the questions that are really important to us. In times of uncertainty and change, when old, familiar approaches no longer seem to be working, she encourages people to stop, be with what is, and hold space for something new. Surely the kindest and most generous gift we can offer ourselves and each other is a quality of quiet, sustained attention that allows us to relax, re-connect to our deepest feelings and values, and think courageously and imaginatively about the challenges we face? She knows from experience that when we’re able to listen for something beyond what we think we know we begin to sense into what’s alive and unformed within us; into what can arise, grow, and be brought forth in the space we’re holding. Listening is a creative act. Cheryl has a BA (Hons) degree in Philosophy, is an accredited Time to Think Coach and Facilitator, and has studied through the Presencing Institute’s U.Lab. She lives in Cape Town with my husband and teenage son, enjoys regular walks in nature and oil painting, and roots herself in a daily meditation practice
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